Back in Hannibal’s World

This week’s blog is from Martha De Laurentiis, one of Hannibal’s Executive Producers.

Production on Season 2 of Hannibal is starting. Welcome to the beginning of filming, and thanks for virtually joining our cast and crew.

We’re back in Hannibal’s world, terrifying in the unfathomable menace lurking behind the urbane exterior. We’re also back in Will Graham’s world, now one in which he decidedly does not belong. The stage has been set. Will the tables turn?

By now, Hannibal’s first season has aired or is currently airing in every major international market. The Blu-Ray box set is out and the entire season is available for streaming; now you can revisit, catch up on missed episodes or binge on our series from the beginning.

We’re grateful for the show’s success so far, especially for the incredible passion of our fans all over the world. Join us through our continuing tweets, posts and photos, and stoke your anticipation for Season 2, airing in 2014 on NBC, Sony AXN, Sky Living HD, et al!

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    Where can you find the episodes for streaming? I really need to finish this series and I can’t find the blue ray disks...
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